About Me

Health Optimization Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, Epigenetic Specialist

Aeternus (Latin) - Adj. permanent, perpetual, eternal, lasting, immortal

Lasting health requires an ongoing act of balance.

Say goodbye to trial and error.

Allow me to introduce you to a revolutionary approach to wellness.

My Story

Started with curiosity and evolved into a passion.

It is in my nature to question the status quo. I am always looking for a better way to do things. Pleasure has been a guiding force throughout my life and I have always had a keen interest in feeling as good as humanly possible. Health optimization is a lens through which cultivating repeatable states of peak experience is possible. But how does one truly optimize? I spent far too long experimenting with the latest superfoods, health fads and trendy bio-hacks. Some things worked while others were a flat out waste of time and money. I began thinking… there must be a better way to pinpoint what my body truly requires. With recent advancements in the realms of genetic research, epigenetics, and clinical metabolomics, there are now extremely useful tools that can accurately map your body’s terrain and provide deep insights into the inner working of your biology. After many years of research and education, I have finally developed an individualized method for assessing and balancing  a person’s health with precision. What started out as a simple curiosity (how good can I feel?) evolved into a passion. I envision a world where everyone has sovereignty over their own health. A world where everyone operates from a place of deeply rooted resilience and vitality. It is my mission to help others step into their full potential by providing a clear path towards optimizing their health.