Chris Ford

Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner + Epigenetic Coach

Meet Chris Ford and discover what is possible for you!

Are you ready to step into your full potential?

Who could you better serve by becoming the greatest version of yourself? What might you be capable of if you were performing at a higher level? How would you like to look, feel and function at your best, without the guess work?

Everyone is unique, which is why I take a holistic, bio-individual approach to wellness. It is my mission to identify which foods, supplements and lifestyle practices are best suited for you.


Have you ever considered what life could be like if you were to truly step into your full potential? Do you want to have boundless energy, greater mental bandwidth and deeply rooted resilience? As a guide, I work closely with you and employ the modalities below to help you optimize your health, improve your vitality and live a more radiant life.

Nutritional Therapy

Utilize the healing power of whole foods

Culinary Wellness

Learn to source and prepare the highest quality foods

Genetic Interpretation

Make sense of your genetic blueprint + discover how your body is programmed to function

Lifestyle Strategies

Find out which activities best support functional longevity + wellness

Environmental Design

Shift your surroundings to better suit your health

What People Are Saying

"Chris really knows his stuff. After working with him, I now feel better than I could have ever imagined!"
Philip Watson
"After many disappointing years of fad dieting and calorie counting, I have finally found a nutrition protocol that works for me."
Emma Roberts
Olivia Spencer
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